How to hang a hammock

Hammock in banana shape

Info about hanging the hammock

On this page you will find extensive info about hanging, distances and knotting the hammock.

Hanging a hammock - general

  • The best position in a hammock (without a stick) is diagonal. In this way your spine is straight. For this, the hammock should hang in a banana shape, meaning the suspension points should not be too low.
  • Too far apart is almost never a problem. This can be easily solved with some ropes.
  • Important: experiment and see what is best for you.
  • Which hooks and plugs can best be used depends on the walls, ceilings, fences etc. When in doubt, please check at a hardware store. Always make sure the suspension can bear the weight well.

Guidelines for hanging the hammock

Mounting instructions

It is best to lie diagonally in a hammock. Therefore, the hammock should not hang too tight. Use the following guidelines for hanging the hammock :
  • The distance between the suspension points = (length of hammock + any ropes) * 0.85
  • The height of the suspension points = (length of hammock + any ropes) * 0.375.
  • And especially: try what feels best.


  • For a hammock stand, the "height of the suspension points" is not the distance to the ground, but to the highest point in the middle of the hammock stand.
  • For the aforementioned calculated width and height of the suspension points, the middle of the hammock hangs at about 35-45 cm above the ground or the hammock stand.
  • If the available width is a bit less than what is calculated above, it is generally not a problem. You solve this by making the suspension points slightly higher.

A simple knot to attach the hammock

A hammock can easily be hung with a suspension kit or a few ropes (or if the distance is right, directly on a few hooks). If you use ropes below you will find a simple knot to attach the hammock.
Knoop maken om de mexicaanse hangmat op te hangen Knoop maken om de mexicaanse hangmat op te hangen
  • Attach the rope to a pole, tree or on a hook. So you have two equally long ends.
  • Put the ropes on 1 side through the eyelet of the hammock. As shown in the first photo.
  • Make a knot, as shown in the second photo.
  • Pull the ends until the eyelet is at the right height.
  • Ready !!!!!!!