Trip to the Mexican hammock

Merida, Plaza Principal, Zocalo, Central square

Where is the Mexican hammock made?

In November 2015 we again made a trip to Mexico. This time together with our supplier, to visit the Maya who make our Mexican hammocks .

The Mexican hammock is made in a region southeast of the city of Merida (federal state of Yucatan). Our supplier is located in Merida so Merida was our first stop.

To the Maya

Henriette visiting weaver mexican hammock

To the Maya

The second day of our trip we visited the Maya who make our Mexican hammocks.

700 families

Our supplier works with approximately 700 Mayan families. The hammocks are manufactured as home work.

In a Mexican hammock

The Maya (and many inhabitants of Yucatan) sleep in a hammock every night and the hammock is hung and put away again in the morning. Comfortable and space saving.
Mexican hammock suspension

Suspension lines of the hammock

Weaving of the bed of the Mexican hammock, attaching the suspension lines and loops are separate specialties, and are often done at different locations (houses).


Transporting the products between the sites is done by bike and moped. Transport parts of the mexican hammock

Handmade Mexican hammocks

The Maya produce the hammocks by piece. However it is not "production work". The hammock it suspended and if one feels like it (there is always time) a piece is woven.


It is difficult to make arrangements about delivery times in this culture. For the supplier of the Mexican hammock it is therefore very important to maintain good relations.
Chumayel. town hall

Town hall Chumayel

Our hammocks are made in the village of Chumayel and the surrounding villages.
Moped taxis, Chumayel

Moped taxis

Public transport in Chumayel.
Male hammock weaver

Male Mexican hammock weaver

Especially Maya women weave hammocks, but the men also weave sometimes.


The hammocks that are ready are collected locally, after which they are transported to Merida. An extensive quality control is conducted here, before the hammocks are shipped.