Each Mexican hammock is unique

Weaving of a Mexican hammock by Maya

Handmade hammock

The Mexican hammock is handmade by the Maya people in Mexico. See also our trip report.

Unique versions

Each woven hammock is therefore unique in terms of patterns and colours. Therefore we put each Mexican hammock separately on the photo. You get exactly the hammock that you see in the photo. Of course, we have several of the monochrome hammocks in stock.

Top quality

Our Mexican hammocks are of top quality. Moreover, before the hammocks are shipped to Europe there is an extensive quality control.

Men and women

The Maya make the hammocks as a extra income. Usually it is done by women, but men also weave.


Weaving is not "production work", but is done when people feel like (time is always there).

Sizes Mexican hammocks

Mexican hammock XL

5 sizes Mexican hammocks

The standard Mexican hammock has a daybed of woven cotton thread. The suspension lines are made of nylon for added strength. This hammock, also called a net hammock, comes in 5 sizes. See the table below.

Thick Cord hammock

In addition to the 5 standard Mexican hammocks we have TC ("Thick Cord") Mexican hammocks. These are made of heavy gauge thread. Only available in XXXL


TypeWeightBed (cm)Length (cm) To carry (kg)
B700220 x 100420150
L1000220 x 150420200
XL1200220 x 170420250
XXL1400220 x 200420300
XXXL1700220 x 250420350
XXXL TC3000220 x 250420350

Comparing prices

Would you like to compare the prices of different suppliers of Mexican hammocks? Because everyone uses different names and because the Mexican hammocks are woven and therefore flexible, it is difficult to compare by name or size. To determine whether the hammocks are about the same size it is best to look at the weight.

Names in use for the different sizes

Our nameOthers names
B#3, Single, No 6
L#4, Double, Large No 10
XL#5, Matrimoniale, Queen, No 14
XXL#6, Familiare, King, No 16
XXXL#7, Jumbo, Giant, No 20

Get into your mexican hammock

Get into your Mexican hammock step 1 Get into your Mexican hammock step 2
Stand in front of the hammock, and with one hand grab the trailing edge and with the other hand the front edge of the hammock. Lift the trailing edge upwards and pull the front edge forward.
Get into your Mexican hammock step 3 Get into your Mexican hammock step 4
Now sit down in the middle of the Mexican hammock. Pull the back of the hammock upwards and lean back. Put your feet in the hammock and find the right position.