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Mexican hammock or mexican blanket from Icolori

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Mexican hammock

Weaver mexican hammock

Maya hammock

This woven hammock is handmade by the Maya people on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. Each hammock is therefore unique in terms of colours and patterns. Imported directly by us. Please also see the report of our . trip to the Maya's.

No child labour

Weaving is often done as a sideline to the family income. Obviously, all hammocks are manufactured without child labour, and under good working conditions.

Sizes and colors

The hammocks are available as standard in 5 sizes. Each multi-coloured hammock is unique in terms in colour. In addition to multi-coloured hammocks, we also have all existing solid colours in our stock. Mexican hammock beach


Because of their open structure these Mayan hammocks are very airy and with maximum support. It is not without reason that these hammocks have the reputation of being the most comfortable hammocks in the world. Multicolor mexican hammock

Rock solid

The laying part (bed) of this hammock is made of cotton. The suspension lines are of nylon for added strength The carrying capacity of this hammock is phenomenal due to its woven structure. For more info see our page

Mexican hammock